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Brushing teeth is important for keeping them clean and keeping gum disease from happening. Understandably, brushing only really works when we do it correctly. If you would like to look over brushing techniques, we can give you some pointers.

– When you put the brush in your mouth, hold it diagonally in relation to your gum line, at about a 45-degree angle.
– Move the brush in smooth back-and-forth motions, going about the width of each tooth each time.
– Remember to use gentle strokes. Going hard and fast can wear down enamel.
– Remember that brushing along the gum line is beneficial. This way you can clear it of plaque and better prevent gum disease.
– Get all sides of your teeth that your brush can touch.
– When you brush the back sides of your front teeth, holding the brush so it is vertical and brushing up and down can be a more effective way at cleaning those areas.
– Be sure to spend at least two minutes. That should give you enough time to brush thoroughly.

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