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Does the look of your teeth make you feel bummed out because they are chipped, discolored or shaped imperfectly? In such cases, covering those teeth with porcelain veneers may give you a smile you can feel proud of.

Veneers are thin little covers that adhere to your teeth and present a natural and eye-catching appearance in their place. They do this by keeping the troubled teeth from being seen. The porcelain that makes them up can also be colored so it blends with and complements your smile.

Unlike other types of dental work, say crowns for example, veneers may not need to change your teeth very much. Crowns may require a tooth to be shaved down by quite a bit, which can be helpful if the tooth is in really sad shape though they may not be necessary if the issues are minor. With veneers, only a small amount enamel may need to be removed so they can fit, so you can avoid more extreme changes.

Our dentists put effort into making sure the veneers fit and look right. To accomplish this goal, they take impressions of the target teeth, which gives them accurate information on the shape of each tooth and helps them make the veneers so they can accommodate your smile.

You are welcome to visit us at Louisiana Dental Center in Denham Springs, Louisiana, if you would like to consider veneers. If you would like to learn more about them first, we are happy to give you more information. You need only call (225) 243-7704 to schedule a consultation. Feel free to ask any questions, as we are ready to help.