Prevent Stains on Your Teeth From These Foods

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Many consumables play a role in your health and the appearance of your teeth. Even time can cause teeth to fade in color. However, many foods that are commonly consumed can leave a lasting stain on your teeth causing your smile to lose its shine or your teeth to discolor. Luckily, by being aware of the foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, you can take extra care in making sure they are attended to properly.

Our dentists care about your oral health. That is why Louisiana Dental Center in Denham Springs, Louisiana, is happy to provide you with information on consumables that can stain your teeth.

Here is some information on foods that can stain your teeth:

– Red wine: Red wine contains tannins that can stain your teeth.
– White wine: Teeth can be discolored due to the acidity of white wine.
– Curry: The yellow pigment in curry can stain your teeth.
– Coffee: Coffee is known to cause tooth discolorations.
– Tomato sauce: Tomato sauce can stain your teeth due to its acidity.
– Balsamic vinegar: It is possible to end up with stained teeth due to balsamic vinegar use.
– Tea: Several types of teas can stain your teeth.
– Berries: Berries have dark colors and pigments that lead to tooth staining.
– Sodas: Sodas contain dyes that darken your teeth.

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