Spring Time Smile Time: Dental Floss

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Are you flossing correctly on a daily basis? Not only should you make sure that you are flossing every day like clockwork, but you also need to make sure that you are doing it efficiently so that all areas between each tooth can be effectively cleaned. Even a small amount of neglect in your flossing routine can slowly allow plaque to build up and lead to dental damage. To prevent issues with your flossing routines, always make sure you’re using the proper techniques and the materials required.

If you choose to use a threaded floss, make sure it can effectively function for two minutes every day without tearing. If your floss continues to tear, you will need to replace it with a shred-resistant floss. Once you have your floss selected, make sure to only use each section once per day. Once you’re finished, throw out the strand. Furthermore, use a different portion of the strand between each tooth so that cross-contamination does not occur.

Dental floss can often be difficult to use in situations if you have joint pain or are getting older. If you are struggling with traditional floss thread, consider using an alternative interdental tool. One highly effective product to consider is a water flosser which uses a steady beam of water to clean out areas between your teeth.

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